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An extra layer of protection for your business

An umbrella policy can be a lifesaver when expenses exceed policy limits.

Most business insurance policies have a payout limit, leaving you responsible for costs above that limit. In some cases, the non-covered amount could threaten the survival of your business.

That’s why commercial umbrella insurance is a wise investment for business owners. This coverage kicks in when your primary business insurance policy reaches the payout limit and pays the remaining costs.

For example, if you have a liability insurance policy with a $500,000 limit, but suffer damages totaling $700,000, the umbrella policy kicks in to pay the amount above and beyond the $500,000 limit of the liability policy.

Because the risk of exceeding coverage limits of your other policies is relatively low, commercial umbrella is an affordable option that can make a big difference.

Find out how you can add an extra layer of protection for your business with a commercial umbrella policy. Contact us at Spring Ridge today.


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