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Protection for your motorcycle

Find the best coverage for you and your bike.

Whether you ride your motorcycle as a primary means of transportation or are more of a weekend warrior, you need insurance coverage to protect you and your bike.

Motorcycle and auto insurance have many similarities — and many differences as well.

As with auto insurance, there are minimum coverages that are required by the state in which you live. And, like auto coverage, the minimums are usually not enough to cover the expenses and hardship you may face following an accident.

The minimum coverage you need is liability insurance, which covers costs you have to pay to other people after an accident that’s your fault, including their medical bills and repairing or replacing their vehicle.

Adding collision coverage will pay to repair or replace your bike after a crash, even if it’s your fault. Comprehensive coverage adds coverage if your bike is stolen, vandalized or damaged by fire.

Other optional extras worth considering include specific coverage for custom motorcycle parts, such as GPS or trailers that you’ve added to your bike and aren’t included in a standard policy. You can also get coverage that pays your costs if you’re involved in a collision with an uninsured driver or rider. Other worthwhile add-ons include roadside assistance to get you to a repair facility if your bike has a mechanical breakdown or you suffer a flat tire.

The insurance experts at Spring Ridge will guide you through needed coverage and available options to help you select a policy that is best for your needs and your budget. Contact us today.


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